How Much Do Pizza Chefs Earn

Some of the most famous chefs in the world earn just as much or more than the highest paid celebrities, singers, and performers while other industry professionals earn less than a dishwasher at a fine dining restaurant. Why such a large gap? Pizza is such a large and all-encompassing industry however you slice it. There is everything from the pizza chefs at well-recognized chain restaurants to the world famous celebrity chefs. There are the mom and pop pizza joint owners in rural America to the authentic Italian pizzeria on the romantic streets of Napoli. Each segment of the pizza industry comes with its own price tag on what a chef can expect to make.

If you are talented, charismatic and let’s face it, lucky enough to make a name for yourself in the vast world of pizza, you could earn celebrity status and make more than a well known pop singer around 64 million dollars a year. This is nowhere near the norm however. Like other positions in show biz, it is more about needing to know the right people and be in the right place at the right time than how good of a product you can bake up. More than likely, you would start off in a family owned pizzeria or a chain restaurant. Here, the average income is just over $9 an hour with an annual salary of around $15,300 in the United States.

If you open a restaurant of your own, you have the choice of buying into a franchise to the tune of around $200,000 or you can start from ground up. If you are successful, it is possible to earn around $60,000 a year. If you are successful. One proven way to be more successful than the mom and pop shop down the street is to offer a higher level of technology in the form of more ordering options. A restaurant that offers online or mobile ordering brings in the customer 67% more times than a restaurant that does not offer these ordering methods. Bringing the customer in on a more regular basis, will increase the sales and thus bring in more income for the owner trickling down into the hands of the pizza chefs as well. Out of an estimated 519,910 pizza chefs in the United States along, the annual median salary is $19,030.

There are many different avenues to consider when delving into the world of pizza. If you have what it takes to make it big in the industry, you could be living the life of the rich and famous. If you, like millions of those before you, start from the ground up, it may be a rough road ahead of you. Collecting just above minimum wage. Depending on the turn taken, the pizza chef could either strike it rich or be a starving artist.