Grow Your Cake Business with Original Cake Designs

​Chrissie Boon | Craftsy Instructor

Improve Your Cake Business with Easy & Efficient Techniques

Many customers want something more unique than what grocery stores offer, but less expensive than a custom cake. Join me, Chrissie Boon, for my online class, Small Cakes, Big Business: Production Techniques for Professional Decorators, and expand your business and repertoire with a line of original cakes you can create quickly and consistently.

Pricing cakes can be tricky, so we'll start with strategies for establishing a price point that works for you, and your customers.

I'll also guide you through creating four cakes from my line, and saving time and costs for each cake by making elements in advance. When we're done, you'll be ready to apply these concepts to your own designs—for a speedy, dependable production process that ensures your customers are as happy with their cakes as you are with their business.

The first cake we'll create is the Basketball Cake, complete with realistic textures, a scoreboard, and "wood-grain" cake board. In this lesson, you'll discover techniques I use at my shop to speed up the process, such as making and storing cake boards ahead of time.

Then, I'll walk you through the perfect Princess Cake, featuring a silver tiara, pearl border, and diamond-quilted pattern. With this cake, you'll learn about making delicate items ahead of time, adding sparkle, and tips for never wasting fondant.

In our following lesson, we'll create the Drippy Icing Cake, decorated with fondant "dripping" over the edge of the cake, hand-modeled candles, and realistic whipped cream with a cherry on top. We'll look at tips for carving your cake without cutting into your efficiency and finding a cake that exemplifies your signature style.

Our last project is the Gift Box cake, which has gum paste tissue paper peeking out from beneath the lid. We'll cover professional techniques for keeping production complexity to a minimum, such as how to make and store bows, instantly set your tissue paper pieces in place, and make a fast and fabulous necklace embellishment. Sign up for Small Cakes, Big Business, and broaden your customer base with more affordable cakes you can make on-demand!

My love of baking and experience with business started early on. When I was in grade school, my mom and our next-door neighbor began baking and selling Christmas cookies. I took over the business when I reached high school, and kept baking cookies (most of which were sent home to my boyfriend—now husband!) when I reached university.

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After a year at university, I started taking decorating classes and quickly realized that cake was my calling. In less time than I could have imagined, I opened my first little storefront, where I baked and decorated cookies and cakes.

Today, my husband and I run Too Nice to Slice, where I decorate cakes and teach classes. This space also houses Icing Inspirations, our retail shop for all things cake decorating. I love that my husband and I run a true family business, and that it's a place where people can come and feel welcome.

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