Forms Essential to a Bakery

  • Forms Essential to a BakeryContact Form – Your customers will have some inquiries into the services you provide, so allow them to contact you so you can help them with your queries. Make sure you respond at a timely manners so your customers would not lose interest and are assured that you are happy to serve them.
  • Order Forms – If business goes well, there comes a point wherein your regular customers will want to place special orders. You, as a the owner, will want to keep your customers satisfied. When creating order forms, make sure to keep it organized and make sure that you get all the information you need, such as customer’s name, contact information and date and time of pick up. Provide your customers with options and allow them to list down special instructions. Make sure your employees gather the correct information, including when the order was placed, to avoid any mix up.
  • Feedback Forms – Continue to make your customers happy by asking their thoughts on your bakery. Or if they have any problems about your products and services, allow them to do voice out their concerns with feedback forms. This helps you become aware of what goes on from day to day and of what you need to do to add, correct, improve or do away with.
  • Contest Forms – As part of a marketing strategy, a lot of bakeries would put up contests, giving away their baked goods as prizes. This is also a good way for your customers to never miss a chance at coming to your bakery. For example, you can give out a slice of your best cakes or pies every weekend to some lucky customer, and they get to leave your bakery without ever feeling guilty of spending more just to indulge in your treats.