Daisy Cakes on Shark Tank

Home-Based Cake Business Success "Daisy Cakes" on ABC's Shark Tank

​Like a lot of successful bakers today, Kim Nelson grew up cooking and baking with her mother and grandmother.

Standing on her little yellow stool in her grandmother's kitchen, Kim learned how to bake the ​tastiest of cakes with the freshest of ingredients.

In her early adult life, Kim began mulling over the idea of starting a cake business.

When her friends, friends of friends, and eventually friends of friends OF friends started offering to pay her for her cakes, she knew she was onto something big.

​Her life changed forever when in April of 2011, she was invited to pitch to the "Sharks" in ABC's hit series, "Shark Tank."

​Unlike a lot of business owners, Kim swam with the sharks and came out alive.

Not only did she survive, but she secured a $50,000 investment in her cake business from Barbara Corcoran.​

​In the 48 hours that followed the show airing her cake business, "Daisy Cakes" sold over 2,000 cakes through it's website.

​2,000 cakes!

2,000 hand-sifted, made from scratch, infused with love, cakes.

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Fast-forward just a few years to 2014, Kim's cake business raked in a sweet $2mil in sales.

​If Kim's success story isn't enough to motivate you to start or grow your very own cake business, I'm not sure what else would.

There are a million excuses to sit on your hands and never get started.

Maybe you're scared of the unknown - not knowing if you'll really be able to sell your cakes or not really knowing how to start a real business.

I get it.

But these are just excuses.

If you're serious about doing what you love and living the life you want to live, then I highly recommend you take the 'How to Start a Cake Business' Online Course with Craftsy.com.

Over 5,000 aspiring cake business owners have already taken this course so why haven't you?​

For about the same cost as a well-made cake from your favorite bakery, this course gives you 9 HD quality video lessons covering everything from marketing your cake business to the nity grity legalese - all taught by an award-winning cake artist and pastry chef!

Click this link to head over to Craftsy.com to read more about the course and to see an outline of what's covered.​

There's no better time to get started with your cake business.

To your success,


Featured Image Credit: Copyright ABC Television​