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A lot of our readers have written in with questions about websites with regards to naming their bakeries.

Let me explain.

​For a lot of people, an important step in choosing a name for your bakery involves checking to see if the website domain is available.

So if I wanted to name by bakery "Marc's Bakery", then I would probably want to first make sure that no one else owns the website,

Whether ​or not you plan to have a website at first, it's always a good idea to do the check and secure your name.

So here's a quick and easy guide to see if the name you want to use is available​.

Step 1​

Click here to head on over to Godaddy. Once you're there, you'll see a large input box:

Step 2

Do a search for the name(s) you're considering. Or if you already have an established bakery, search for it's name.​ For this example, I'll do a search for

Hopefully, you'll see a message similar to the one above. If not, it will tell you that the domain name is taken and you'll have to search for another name. Godaddy will also show you a list of alternatives that are available.

This has been shut off because we switched to a click through page setup. Leaving code here in case we go back to single page articles.

Step 3​

To secure this domain ​and make sure no one else can buy it, click the big orange button that says 'Continue To Cart.'

Step 4​

​Godaddy with cycle you through a series of upsells that you may want to consider like a website builder and hosting. In most cases, you probably just want the domain name. You can always take a look at the other services in the future. I usually just scroll to the bottom and click Continue to cart.

Step 5​

​The last step is to simply go through the checkout and secure the domain. This step is pretty straightforward so I don't think screenshots are needed here.

​So that's it. If you have any question or if you're confused about anything, feel free to send us an email - happy to answer any questions!