So for example, Amelie’s French Bakery and Café – it hints at common folk that the bakery has a café-style setup and that it sells French or Parisian-inspired goods.  Be sure to hit home on your core competency.

Try to make mention of your specialties.

You can indicate a name of a particular baked goodie if you do just sell certain types of products. For example, Charlie’s Gourmet Pastries – you can see that they don’t sell bread, but offer cakes, cookies, pies, turnovers, brownies and the like.

Another is The Denver Bread Company. People will know that this is the place to go looking for an assortment of bread.

The way other bakeries do it, they would use a sort of description under their name, indicating the kind of products they sell.

One bakery worth mentioning is Termini Brothers. Their logo includes the words “gold medal pastry,” while their storefront has a huge neon sign of their name and another of the word “pastries” just under it.

Make it personal and unique

So how does one make a business name unique?  For starters, you can incorporate the name of what would be your specialty, such as in the case of Patisserie 46 in Minneapolis, MN., which shares the name of their naturally leavened 46 Baguette and their 46th Street Sourdough.

Also, you can simply use your own name, either your first name or last name or both, just like the Francois Payard Bakery or Merridee’s Breadbasket.

It really works when you have a unique-sounding name. But also make sure it goes well with the rest of the word you choose. You wouldn’t want to name your establishment “Jackie’s Big Buns,” would you? Or maybe you would! J

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Give your bakery room to grow

This applies to bakery owners who decide not to associate themselves with just one type of baked product. You may plan on just selling loaves and baguettes for now, but you might decide to later sell some other baked goodies or offer other services.

Just like Red Truck Bakery and Market in Warrenton, Va., owner Brian Noyes didn’t just see the former Esso gas station as an opportunity to sell baked goods. With the name he had come up with, he got the freedom to offer other products such as homemade jams, granola and freshly ground bags of coffee.

Follow the formula

Try this formula on for size: object/person + bakery, or location + bakery.

An example would be Grand Central Baking Company in Seattle, WA., which is named after its first shop at the Grand Central Building.

So even if they set up another branch at Oregon, people remember the sensational bakery they’ve been to in Washington and would want to visit the new one.

Things to Dismiss

  • Working with terms that cause confusion. These include words that are hard to pronounce or understand or terms that are too unfamiliar. The trouble with using these kinds of words is that they may be hard to remember. So stop naming your business with ambiguous words!
  • Misspelling words. Another common habit is the use of misspelled words, such as “cakez” or “bizness.” People might want to google it in case they need to place orders or make inquiries, but then your business doesn’t seem to appear on the first few result pages. And to some, those words just spell c-h-e-a-p and u-n-a-t-t-r-a-c-t-i-v-e.
  • Making use of puns or offensive statements. It’s okay to put a bit of humor into your name, but sometimes there are those who take offense. So if you’re going to use puns, make sure it’s cleverly thought of, yet appropriate. If you can’t seem to put one and two together, then just forget about it. Also, while the name “Badass Cupcakes” will certainly grab people’s attention and humor the more open-minded population, it definitely won’t sit well with others, especially concerned parents – even if you do offer delicious goods. Make sure your establishment is kid-friendly. See to it that name you pick out won’t offend people and spark controversy as this will never be good for business.

So that’s it, some of our best tips on naming your new bakery business. I hope this has been helpful to those struggling with this task.

Good luck, and good baking!