How Bakeries Should Practice Proper Hygiene

Practicing proper hygiene is one of our most basic activities of daily living. Just the simple act of regularly washing our hands can greatly impact our health. That is why we are encouraged to do so before and after we eat, prepare food, and so on. For those in the food industry, proper hygiene is an essential part of the job. One of the places where proper hygienic measure should be strictly adhered to are bakeries, especially since they tend to lay out bakes goods on display. So here we will discuss what they should do to help prevent their customers from developing food poisoning (and to protect themselves from lawsuits that are likely to follow).

Cleaning the Work Area

Hygiene includes the cleanliness of the work area, and the best ways to achieve this is through use effective cleaning methods and the appropriate cleaning materials. Always see to it that the machinery you use is clean and has undergone disinfection. Same goes with your proofing cabinets as proofing conditions are actually suitable for the growth and development of bacteria and other microorganisms. You also need to make sure that the type of disinfectant you use does actually. A lot of times contamination of food occurs during slicing, cooling and wrapping, so make it a point to do process and pest control, inspecting all the nooks and crannies of the workplace.

 Hygienic Practices for the Work Crew

When handling food, it is always important to observe proper hygiene. As the owner of your own bakery, you need to stress the practice of regular hand washing before, during and after food prep. It is said that one needs to wash your hands in between the handling of raw food and finished products. And, of course, you all need to wash your hands after cigarette and toilet breaks. Make sure that everyone also wears clean clothing, has their hair covered, and has clean and well-trimmed fingernails. It is also wise to encourage the donning of gloves. Also, it is not advised to wear jewelry as those might fall of and land onto or inside what you’re baking.