9 Amazing Baking Charts That Will Turn You Into a Pro

Let's be honest, there isn't one single person on this planet who doesn't occasionally indulge in their choice of baked goods.

Whatever your favorite goodie may be, when it comes down to finding a recipe, the options are overwhelming!

A simple internet search for 'Best (insert favorite dessert here) Recipe' may yield hundreds of individual articles claiming to have the recipe to end all recipes.

How are we supposed to choose which recipe to follow?

And how do I find answers to some basic questions like:​

  • What type of sugar is best for my chocolate chip cookies?
  • How can I convert my brownie recipe into a gluten-free delicacy that even the most health conscious can enjoy?
  • And for goodness sake, how am I supposed to memorize the conversions of all of those tiny, pesky measurements I never see anywhere else but on my measuring cups?

Fret not, the charts below will save you from any future stress in your baking adventures.

Before you know it, gone will be the days of dented cakes, burnt cookies, and chalky brownies.

Not only will you find the best recipes, but these charts will have you understanding the science behind why those cookies are so darn irresistible.

Prepare to step up from novice to professional. Happy baking!

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​#1 The Ultimate Cookie Guide

Everyone swears by a different 'secret ingredient' for their cookie. At the end of the day it's up to your preference. If you like a more crispy cookie for instance, perhaps try melted butter instead of softened. If you're more for the fluffy cookie, try baking powder or chilling the dough. Check out all of those options! Credit: handletheheat.com

#2 Why Cakes Fail

Cakes may seem more daunting than cookies, but don't let previous mistakes scare you away! With this chart, you can learn from past 'caketastrophies' and move on to getting party-worthy results. Credit: tipnut.com

​#3 Conversion Chart for the Essentials

How annoying is it when you find a delicious looking recipe only to see that it uses metric systems of measurement when you are only familiar with the English systems of measurements or vice versa? Never be held back by those limitations again! This chart will show you exactly how to convert various ingredients so you can follow any recipe, no matter where it came from. Credit: javacupcake.com

​#4 Great Substitute Ingredients to Cut Calories

In the mood to indulge, but counting your calories is making you lose your appetite? This chart is for you! Just apply a few of these easy substitutions and those brownies you've been craving will be instantly guilt free. Credit: ereplacementparts.com

​#5 The Gluten Guide

Perhaps one of the most challenging problems you may encounter, gluten free baking is an art. Whether you or a family member is avoiding gluten, don't settle for chalky, tasteless baked goods. Use this chart to make any gluten free dessert a success! CreditL sheknows.com

​#6 Math Conversions

Don't let the name of this chart scare you away. Baking is probably the only instance where math doesn't have to be as tricky as it sounds. Next time you get stumped trying to remember how many ounces there are in a cup or how many tablespoons are in one fluid ounce, check out this helpful chart! Credit: visual.ly

#7 Great Last Minute Dessert

In the mood for a slice of cake, but not in the mood for all of the dishes that go along with it? Look no further! The only dishes you'll have to worry about are a mug and a fork, making it last minute or even late-night friendly. Credit: visualistan.com

#8 Know Your Sugar​

Let's be honest, most of us are sort of clueless when it comes to sugar. Sure, we can see the difference, but in the end, they're the same right? Nope! This helpful chart not only explains the differences in various sweeteners but also explains what each one is optimal for! Credit: heather-hardison.com

​#9 The Science of Baking

Yes, we know you didn't sign up for a chemistry lesson, but hear us out. Can you really be a pro at something if you don't understand how it works? This chart will not only improve your understanding of the science of deliciousness but may even help you develop recipes you already use. Bonus! Credit: barbaracakes.com