What type of bakery do you want to start?

Do you plan on turning your baking addiction into a profitable business? That’s great! But what kind? Have you planned it out yet?

Well, if you haven’t made up your mind about the kind of bakery service you want to provide, maybe this will help. There are generally four types of bakeries – counter service bakeries, specialty service bakeries, sit-down bakeries and online bakeries.

Learn more about them by reading the details below.

  1. Online Bakeries Bakers have found a way to provide baked goods at a lesser cost. They do away with having a storefront and just do business through the Internet. What they do is obtain the necessary licenses that one usually gets when putting up a bakery, then they create a website where they can post pictures of their products and add a shopping cart service onto the website.
  2. Counter Service Bakeries These are the traditional kind of bakeries wherein the staff would tend to their customers as they approach the counter. There the customers would choose the type of bread or baked goods they would like to purchase, people behind the counter wrap it up for them and then the customers pay. It’s the typical kind of bakery you see, and the great thing about it is that it provides quick service to customers.
  3. Specialty Service Bakeries Specialty service bakeries are those that specialize in certain types of baked goods. Usually, the products customers purchase from these types of bakeries are those that are pre-ordered. They describe to bakers what they want done, and the bakers would work on the project for a given number of days. Examples of such bakeries include wedding cake bakeries, personalized cakes and pastry chefs.
  4. Sit-Down Bakeries A lot of bakeries nowadays are trying to attract more customers and gain more profit by letting their customers dine inside the bakeries. They provide clean seating and waiting services, as well as menus with a selection of food their customers can choose from. These bakeries are like cafes, adding coffee beverages and other refreshments, only they still would mostly specialize in baked goods.

What Supplies Do I need?

To be able to open up your very own bakery, you will need to own all the essential supplies to help make your baked goods – hundreds or even thousands of baked goods. You probably know some of the stuff you need since you use all those at home, then again, you’re not just baking for your family and friends anymore.

Shelving – One of the most important things you’ll want to have in your bakery is shelving. You need storage spaces where you can keep all your ingredients, other supplies, plates and utensils, and other items that you would like to put away.

Baking Equipment – You, of course, need food prep and baking equipment. Among all those, the commercial mixer is of utmost importance, as well as your mixing accessories. Depending on your needs, you can choose between a stand or tabletop mixer. Next, you’ll need a machine that can help you crimp, fold, trim and seals dough. This is essential when making pastries and turnovers. You have to have slicers, as well, to help in preparing loaves and bagels.

Oven – Just as important is a commercial oven. Without it, baking would practically be non-existent. Make sure you know how many ovens you will need to get all your products done. Remember, you will be providing baked goods for a lot of people for a good number of hours.

Utensils – Not the usual spoon, fork and knife, but dough cutters, flour sifters, spatulas, etc. Different baked goods make use of different things during preparation, so if you were to add something in your menu, make sure you have the right supplies.

Pans – A variety of pans are also available for different applications – pies, cakes, springforms, loaves, you name it! They’re used for prep, moving and display.

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Donut Fryer – Donuts are a popular treat, so why not add them to your list of products. To create these delicious treats, you need to get a good donut fryer. These will already include wire mesh donut screens with handles, as well as turner sticks.

Refrigerators – There are certain items that will need refrigerating, and yoy will also need to keep all your ingredients fresh. And to make things much easier for you and your employees, I recommend reach-in freezers or refrigerators.